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 The shelter Przystan Ocalenie does not lend, exchange
or give back horses.

Horses are in the shelter till they pass away.


Every year 40 thousand living horses are exported from Poland to be slaughtered in Italy and France. This is one of the domains in which Poland is a market leader.

The idea of helping horses transported to slaughterhouses has already been supported by 500 thousand people, who have signed the petition to ban the transport of living horses abroad. The main consumers are Italian. They buy the biggest and fattest specimens paying even 4-6000PLN (1-1.5000 EUR). Crammed into trucks (up to 35 horses!), terrified, hungry and thirsty animals travel thousands of kilometers to the slaughterhouses, even as far as to Sardinia.

The Committee for Helping Animals in Tychy (founded in 1998) is involved in collecting money to buy back the horses straight from the transports, reloading centres, horse markets (Bodzentyn, Sochaczew) and from people who wish to get rid of them. We are a community association and so far we have saved 80 horses. Some of them were already in the slaughterhouse. Among them was a two year old stallion named Brando, his nine-year old mother, Figa, who gave birth on the 9th June 2003 and Toronto, the only horse free of unhappy memories. These horses were miraculously saved by the army from the Warta river flood.

Odra, a 15 year old Polish pony mare was working hard in hippotherapy. When she was diagnosed with laminitis she was sent to the slaughterhouse.

A four year old stallion called Arlan, a first-rate horse on one of the Polish stud farms was sold because he became blind in one eye.

Litwa and ¦nieżka, mares about 15 years old were working in the forest. They arrived in Bodzentyn dirty and with slaughter numbers cut on their sides. The horses were staggering and smelled of alcohol. Drunk and dizzy, horses were already losing weight on the way to Tychy and they were hard to recognise after unloading.

Nadzieja and Urbanek were bought on 13th June 2003 from the reloading centre near Kraków. They were neglected and starved almost to death.

In July we were lucky to buy an 18 year old gelding that after many years of hard field work had been fed on potatoes for a month to put on weight so that it would be possible to get a better price for him! We called him Kuba.

The horses we bought on 14th July 2003 do not have sponsors yet. We bought them from the horse market in Bodzentyn near Kielce. These are two mares, Hawanka and Mona, and a 4 month old foal that had a tendon contraction on his front legs. We called him Karu¶. He was neglected and starved to death - the owner did not help the poor foal up because he saw no point in it.

Sajra is a 15 year old mare bought from one of the Polish stud farms. She had laminitis on four legs and a reproduction defect.

On 10th November 2003 at the horse market in Bodzentyn we managed to buy a one year old male foal, fed on salted potatoes. The animal was drinking water endlessly which made him look fatter. After being transported to our rescue centre, he had indigestion. Now he is much better. We called him Fortek.

Our rescue centre is also home to other mares: Kara, Batuta, Selia, Galicja, Ba¶ka, Flower, and Gryfka as well as geldings :Tyszek, Bingo, Kasztan, Lucky, Figaro, Bandero, Sam, Węgielek, Megan, Arbiter, Mystic,  Elian, Kuba, Alegro and two ponies: B±bel and Bunio.

Our dream is to create a rescue centre for all rescued horses so that their perception of humankind is more positive. Please help us rescue animals sentenced to death in the slaughterhouses so that Poles can regain their reputation as horse-lovers.


See the fate of our little brothers... do not be indifferent, please HELP!