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The shelter Przystan Ocalenie does not lend, exchanges or give back horses. Horses are in the shelter till they pass away 


Here, in the rescue centre they are happy and safe. They have their own paradise on earth. They have their friends, food, lots of love, their own place in the stable, a plot of meadow and they can be sure that here they will have their retirement. However, when finally their health is better and when they are in a better condition, nothing will ever be the same as they are the horses rescued from the transports to slaughterhouses.

Horses from the transports can remember their nightmare anytime. For Lucky this nightmare came back when he was standing in a trailor - first, he went into the trailor calmly, as he got used to it, but then he started shaking and was paralyzed with fear.

Lucky is head over heels in love with Batuta.He is even jealous of those who want to cuddle Batuta. Lucky is about 14 years old but he looks as if he was about 40 - he was beaten by his previuos owner, he had also very destroyed hooves. Batuta was previously living in one of the famous Polish stud farms untill she was diagnosed with asthma. In this situation she was no longer needed and the sentence was - to the slaughterhouse... Even the fact that she gave birth to 12 foals could not save her.

Our rescue centre is also home of other horses: Batuta, Sam, ¦nieżynka, Figa, Mona, Kuba, Kostek, Odra, Dinci, Sajra, Gala, Balbina, Oscar, Viktor, Myszka, Kolumb, Gryfka, Wanda, Hawana, Kara, Arlan, Brandon, Boomlight, Feliks, Sedum, B±bel, Tina, Kaszmir, Toronto, Yours, Megan, Daktyl, Bajka, Fortek

The price of the death is about 3000 - 4000 zlotys. This is the amount of money that the Italian pay for 600-700 kilograms of meat. In 2001, nearly 40.000 horses were transported to Italian slaughterhouses. The price of life is lower, however, later the costs of medical treatments are enormous. 700 zlotys - this was the price of Odra's life - the 15-year-old Polish pony that was working in hyppotheraphy. When she was diagnosed with laminitis, she was immediately sent to the slaughterhouse...

200 zlotys - this was the price of Karu¶'s life. This little foal had a tendon contraction of the front legs, he was neglected and starved to death by his previous owner.

Nadzieja was saved on 13 June 2003. She broke her pelvis and was no longer needed in sport. Mystic - a very successful horse in competitions became useless for people when he was diagnosed with serious hooves problems. Urbanek - a horse bought from the reloading centre near Kraków was also very neglected - he had anaemia, serious problems with kidneys. Węgielek - an old horse from Zabrze was lying on one of the streets of this town, too weak and ill to pull a wagon with coal. He was starved almost to death, had many injuries ... but he was still forced to work very hard.

In our shelter, therie is only one horse free from the bad and unhappy memories. His name is Toronto. He is Figa's son and he was born as a free horse, free from pain, starvation and ill-treatment. His mother, together with other horses, was miraculously saved by the army from the Warta river flood. Toronto is a very nice and brave horse, he loves playing with other horses, and his favourite companion is Węgielek. However, Figa is not so brave and trustful. We need to show her every day that she does not have to be afraid anymore and that we will not do her any harm.

Figa's another son - Brandon- also came to our rescue centre with his mother. And like Figa, he was also very afraid and fearful. He remembered that his previous owners were beating him and he was afraid of people. We had to teach him that we are very different people and that he is safe now. At first, he did not even want to eat carrots or other delicious things, however, after some time, he got used to his new home and is now very happy and cheerful horse.

For the breeders, the most important and valuable horses are those beautiful, young and healthy ones. However, in our rescue centre it is not important, as horses who are disabled and forgotten by others, surely find their new home here. They find here new life and it does not matter that they have broken legs, are old or very ill. After some time and expensive medical treatment, they regain their health and their will and energy to live.

In our shelter, there are also other animals. There is a cat who had his three paws cut with the scythe. His previous owners threw him out to the cow dung. He survived miraculously and he wanted to come back to his home but again was thrown on the street... Fortunately our volunteers found him and now Łapek (that is his new name) is living happily in one of the house in Katowice, where he became the leader of other cats:)

We also had a dog - Łatek- in our rescue centre. As a small puppy he was hurt by a tractor. He had his pelvis broken and his owners threw him out as they hoped that he would die... Although couple of years passed, Łatek is still very afraid of the sound of the tractors. Fortunately, he has found new owners and he has now got a new home, garden and his own beautiful kennel. Łatek is now a very cheerful and happy dog. And he loves his new owners very much.

Przystan Ocalenie is also home of many cats saved from the experimental institutes, a few goats, rabbits, pigs and a cow.

Przystan Ocalenie is a place where nobody beats animals, puts them into small cages, nor gives them alcohol to drink. We do not eat meat here. This place is ANIMALS' home. They are the most important for us - we always have time for them, our house has many faciilities so that they can feel comfortably here, all animals are friends - the dogs sleep together with the cats, goats near pigs, our horses neigh happily when they see people and they always nestle their heads on the visitors' shoulders.